Welke Customs Brokers and Welke Global Logistics provide the highest level of "concierge care" as a one-stop partner for all your customs and logistics needs. 

Our expert team streamlines the border for clients in a multitude of business sectors, from Food to Steel, through technology, education, and collaboration.

Our Services Include:


Whether your goods are crossing the border by truck or rail, arriving by ship from overseas, or landing at an airport, Welke has the technology to represent your business efficiently, expertly, and personally.

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The experienced Welke team offers consulting support services for all your customs needs, from something simple as proper tariff classification to the most complex audit and compliance program.

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Welke Global Logistics is an international freight forwarding and truck brokerage company, offering clients flexible access to carrier space.  Our services include International Forwarding via Air or Ocean and Full Truckload (FTL) or Less Than Truckload (LTL).

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Call us to experience the Welke difference today, 1-800-503-7770.