Canadian Consulting

From the border to the boardroom, the team at Welke understands with more complex trade regulations and the ever growing list of free trade agreements that our position as a strategic partner in International trade has expanded.

Your success in the new global economy relies on your knowledge and compliance of international trade laws.  If you are importing product to Canada, Welke has the professionals to maximize your bottom line. 

Our team provides expert "concierge care" to support your needs from something simple as proper tariff classification to the most complex audit and compliance program.

We proudly offer the following consulting services:

  • Customized Staff Training:

At your facility or ours, we develop educational programs specific to your company's needs and products.

  • Binding Rulings:

From tariff classification to application for a free trade agreement, we will apply for a binding ruling with CBSA.

  • Compliance Audits:

Our team of experts audit your import and export systems and assess for any possible liability and recommend best solutions.

  • Compliance Programs:

The professional team at Welke will create detailed compliance programs, specific to your company, products, and internal systems, providing you with the best practices to mitigate your risk exposure.

  • Staffing Programs:

Are you a large volume importer or exporter and thinking about hiring an expert?  We offer on-site staffing for your compliance needs.  From one day a week to full time we can provide you with a knowable expert with our full staff of experts for support.

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