Welke Customs Brokers Clears Santa's U.S. Customs Entries

Welke Customs Brokers Clears Santa's U.S. Customs Entries Image

Damon Piatek, President and CEO of Welke Customs Brokers USA, announced today that Welke has cleared Santa Claus' imports into the U.S. as he brings presents into the country as part of the time-honored Christmas Eve tradition. Piatek stressed Santa's thorough understanding of U.S. Customs regulations focused on compliance.

"Delivering presents to all the children of the world is enormous task for one person, and when you have to visit tens of millions of households in the space of a few hours in the United States alone, there is no room for any delay due to a Customs oversight," said Piatek. "In addition, it's in the best interest of children everywhere and future Christmases if Santa's imports into the U.S. are accounted for and accurate, as penalties for infractions can be significant."

It was estimated recently by the Centre for Economics and Business Research in London (2014) that over the course of the evening, on Christmas Eve Santa will deliver £86.95 billion1 ($134.96 billion in U.S. dollars) worth of presents to children throughout the world. Much of Santa's freight, of course, is toys, which carry no duty on U.S. imports, but other items such as clothing and electronics can be more complicated.

"On Christmas Eve, Santa touches a tremendous amount of cargo and crosses international lines often," said Piatek. "To ensure everyone has a Merry Christmas, Welke is here each year to help Santa and his team seamlessly fulfill the requirements of U.S. Customs for imports."


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