CBSA Single Window Initiative (SWI) Now Fully Operational

CBSA Single Window Initiative (SWI)  Now Fully Operational Image

Last week, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) sent the notice below to clients, and asked for help in spreading the word that Canada's Single Window Initiative (SWI) is now fully operational. Note that effective June 1, the processing of transactions submitted through the SWI will be prioritized.

Please feel free to share with your customers/networks.


The purpose of this email is to inform trade chain partners that the Government of Canada's Single Window Initiative (SWI) is now fully operational.  It enables the streamlined electronic exchange of commercial data between the importing community and federal departments and agencies. 

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advised that two legacy release service options for goods regulated by three federal departments will be decommissioned as of April 1, 2018, namely: EDI OGD PARS SO 463 and EDI OGD RMD SO 471.   As an incentive for clients to use the SWI, as of June 1, 2017, the CBSA will prioritize the processing of transactions submitted through the SWI over these other release options. 

An important note is that service providers that have signed the Service Provider Agreement with the CBSA will be able to on-board their client base without further testing, once they have successfully completed the testing process with three of their clients.

In addition, the CBSA conducted a comprehensive review of the Integrated Import Declaration (IID) test package with a focus on simplifying the certification process. The results of this review led to an updated certification package for the IID with an emphasis on simplifying the testing process. The updated package, which is now available, offers clients an opportunity to efficiently certify with the IID in a timely manner.  

CBSA clients are strongly encouraged to submit their applications well before April 1, 2018 to avoid a backlog in processing and testing.  For information about the registration and certification process, please contact the CBSA's Technical Commercial Client Unit by e-mail [email protected].  

The CBSA is planning webinars in early September to assist importers, customs brokers and service providers in developing their systems.  The workshops will provide attendees with a better understanding of the Single Window Initiative Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD) and the Document Image Functionality requirements. Participants should be familiar with the SWI ECCRD, Version 4.0 and the Participants Requirements Document - Document Image Functionality, Version 1.4.  To request electronic copies of the documents, please contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit (TCCU) via email at [email protected].

Further information on the SWI can be found on the CBSA website Single Window Initiative which includes the rationale for the data elements required by the participating departments and agencies.

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