URGENT - NAFTA Certificates of Origin Need to be Renewed for 2017

An important reminder for U.S. and Canadian importers and exporters claiming NAFTA on their products - your 2016 blanket NAFTA certificates on file expire at the end of the year, and must be renewed. In order to make a claim for NAFTA duty-free preference, an importer must possess a Certificate of Origin at the time the claim is made. For exporters, in order for your goods to qualify for the preferential tariff treatment under NAFTA, the same rule applies.

NAFTA Certificates are subject to verification by Customs.

Welke can help you get ready for the new year. If your Certificate of Origin is expiring, contact us at 800-503-7770 (Canada) or 716-995-2900 (U.S.) to expedite your renewal.

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